Finger FoodsScientists offer all modern moms several effective strategies to prevent their babies and toddlers from putting on weight and suffering from obesity later in their life. According to the findings of a group of experts from the Nottingham University, it can be effective to offer your babies a selection of foods like breads, fruit, veggies, biscuits, etc. for developing more responsible attitude and healthier eating habits. Besides, as the study has shown, such practice as giving finger foods can also play a role for weight gain and obesity prevention in the future.

The first strategy should be promoted for allowing infants and toddlers take control of what they are eating, which can assist in avoiding obesity and getting used to a healthier diet in the future. ‘Control is the key thing, as well as sitting at the table with family, because it may help babies regulate what they eat in a way that will benefit them in later life,’ Dr. Ellen Townsend, one of the leading specialists and an associate professor from School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham. Healthy EatingIn addition, such strategy can be effective for babies to get used to the foods of various nature and texture, she said.

The effectiveness of using finger foods was checked out by comparing the data on babies. A group of 92 children grown up on consuming finger foods had much lower rates of obesity and being overweight at the age of 6, compared to the group of spoon-fed children. 151 child was analyzed for the issue of using finger foods, and those who preferred choosing the foods themselves were usually picking the foods higher in carbs, at that they still had lower obesity rates at the age of 6.

Infants weaned through the baby-led approach learn to regulate food intake in a manner which leads to a lower body mass index and a preference for healthy foods,’ stated in the report of the experts from the Nottingham University. Other British experts point on numerous advantages of using the mentioned strategies for today’s parents. It is very important to make children aware about the importance of managing their meals and developing healthy eating habits starting from the early years of their life. That is why every mom should keep in mind the necessity to rise the level of the mentioned awareness, and do everything possible for preventing weight gain and obesity in children.

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