Avocado DietIn our times, a great deal of couples suffer from infertility of one of the partners, and they have to rely in hopes for having a child only to one or another fertility treatment. Fortunately, there are quite advanced solutions and opportunities can be offered nowadays to such couples, and most of those sooner or later become happy parents. At the same time, for some couples even the most advanced technologies like in virto fertilization and others can not bring the expected results and end up with successful pregnancy. In order to increase the chances of women who have to go through a fertility treatment to become a mothers, scientists are looking for ways and natural solutions to increase success of such treatments.

In particular, according to the recent findings, drinking excessive amounts of coffee can substantially decreases the chances of success in such fertility treatment as UVI. A group of Danish scientists led by Dr Ulrik Kesmodel have published their findings saying that those woman who consume more than 5 cups of coffee a day have up to 50 per cent lower chances to get pregnant after an IVF procedure. You can read more about this interesting study and the findings in this article. Another study published this summer in scientific magazines and public mass media has revealed that consuming a diet rich in monosaturated fat (like avocado diet, the Mediterranean diet plan, etc.) can substantially increase the success of IVF-like fertility treatment options. This research was carried out by a group of specialists at Harvard School of Public Health and sponsored by  the US National Institutes of Health.

The researchers recommend those women who are using IVF or other fertility treatment to add avocado to their daily diet, add olive oil to their salads, consume flaxseed or other natural sources of monosaturated fats since these fats can assist in increasing the chances of success. As the final results of the experiment and analysis have shown, those women who consumed high amounts of monosaturated fats on a regular basis had up to 3.4 times higher chances to get pregnant after an IVF fertility treatment compared to those women who used low calorie diet and consumed low amounts of saturated fats. Fertility TreatmentTherefore, in addition to providing us with excellent natural heart health protection, monosaturated fats known also as ‘good fats’ can also increase our chances to become parents in case if we are going to use IVF fertility treatment.

To come to these conclusions, the scientists at Harvard School of Public Health analyzed the data collected on 147 American women who had and were about to have an IVF fertility treatment  at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center. Professor Jorge Chavarro, the research group leader recommends using a known avocado diet as the best diet choice for increasing chances to have a successful IVF.  ‘The best kinds of food to eat are avocados, which have a lot of monounsaturated fat and low levels of other sorts of fat, and olive oil,’ he said. He underlined the importance of the findings of his research group saying that these findings are the first in their nature which established the links between what we eat and chances of success in IVF treatment. However, he said that the scale of the study was relatively small and further researches are required to study the links between the stated issues more thoroughly.

It is also reported that those women who consumed high levels of saturated or ‘bad’ fats which can be found in plenty in such foods as meat, butter, and others, could produce smaller number of eggs to be used in fertility treatment. So did those ladies who consumed all types of fats, including ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ones. According to Dr. Chavarro, those women whose consumptions of monosaturated fats made up nine and lower per cent of their diet had about 3.4 times lower chances to get pregnant via IVF and give birth to a healthy baby. Other experts give positive reviews to the findings of American specialists, and for the moment there are only two questions left without answers. First of all, nutritionists are wondering, what about fish consumption? Fish is a know source of monosaturated ‘good’ fat, but there’s nothing said about it. Besides, experts are interested in learning more about biological mechanisms behind the found associations.

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