dried applesApples are considered a great fruit for those who are trying to lose weight and follow a healthy diet plan. Apples have many health benefits or positive sides and one quite a big negative one: they stimulate appetite. If you know how to fight against this problem, then apples can be a perfect food for you to lose weight without making big efforts. Apples are rich in fiber which assist in improving our digestive system function, as well as in polyphenols which stimulate metabolism and fat breakdown in the blood, this way considerably reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases like a stroke or heart attack.

A new study reveals one more important benefit of apples: lowering LDL cholesterol level just by adding 75 grams of this amazing fruit to your daily diet. During the experiments at Florida University, it was found out that this type of “apple diet” can assist people drop their bad cholesterol levels for almost a quarter for the time period of six months. The study involved 160 female volunteers aged between 45 and 65. 80 participants from the group were asked to eat their usual diet and consume 75 grams of dried prunes, and the other half of the group was asked to consume 75 grams of dried apple in addition to their normal daily diet.

After comparing blood samples which were taken before the experiment and after every 6 months, the scientists were amazed to discover that those women who were asked to consume 75 grams of apple a day managed to lower their LDL cholesterol level in blood for 23% in average. In addition, they all managed to lose weight and in average the amount of pounds shed was about 3.3lbs. These positive changes took absolutely no extra efforts from them but eating the stated amount apples on a daily basis!

One of the ideologists of the research, Dr. Bahram Arjmandi, of the department of nutrition, food and exercise sciences at Florida University, says that the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has sense and is being proven by the findings of his group. “Everyone can benefit from consuming apples,” he underlines. Several days ago, the results of this interesting study were presented by Dr. Arjmandi at the Experimental Biology conference in Washington DC, and received very positive reaction from the world’s leading nutritionists and medical scientists.

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