Apple PeelMany of us are used to peeling apples before consuming as fresh fruits or using them for cooking. It is especially common for moms who usually peel apples and some other fruits before giving those to their kids. Apple peel removal can really make sense because, according to the findings of recent scientific studies, most of harmful chemicals and toxic elements are collected exactly in apple peel, so peeling apples makes the fruit more healthy. On the other hand, along with toxic elements, apple peel is a deposit of most of the useful elements, vitamins and minerals found in apples. That is why, provided the apples are organic and grown with minimal use of fertilizers and chemicals, it is strongly recommended to eat the fruits without removing the peel.  The scientists are convinced that this way apples can be a great natural protective tool against such common health conditions as elevated blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, and even obesity, the latest studies have reported.

A month ago, an expert team at the University of Iowa in the United States published their findings regarding new health benefits of apple peel. The scientists are convinced that waxy compound of apple peel can contribute in weight gaining prevention, as well as help in combating fatty lived disease and diabetes mellitus. This compound known as ursolic acid can also be found in various herbal remedies and berries like cranberries, prunes, etc., and it can plays a role for increasing the amounts of muscle and brown fat famous for its excellent calorie-burning properties.The scientists claim that by consuming apples without peeling can be a great natural solution to increase muscle mass, add strength and possibly prevent muscle wasting. Elevated Blood PressureThe findings were received by American scientists after extensive experiments on lab rats and testing the effects of ursolic acid which, according to Christopher Adams, a lead author of the study, was proven to reduce blood sugar levels and increased strength and endurance of bones and muscles.

The findings of another interesting study regarding healthy effects of apple peel has been reported a few days ago. Canadian scientists from Nova Scotia Agricultural College have proven that apple peel is extremely rich in natural antioxidants, chemical compounds known as flavonodis which in plenty exists in such powerful ‘natural superfoods‘ as blueberries or green tea. Flavonoids can slow down degenerative and aging-related processes in our cells, this way preventing a great deal of serious diseases like various types of cancer and others. The scientists tested both apple peel and the fleshy parts of these amazing fruits, and it turned out that the peel contains up to 6 times more chemicals which can inhibit ACE enzyme, a compound known to cause elevated blood pressure. Therefore, peeling apples before consuming them will not allow us benefit from this important property of apples, provided the fruits are organic and were grown without using harmful chemicals and toxins.

Apples are one of the most popular and frequently consumed fruits in the world. Apple peel is a rich source of flavonoids which provide numerous health benefits – apple peel flavonoids inhibited the ACE, an enzyme associated with hypertension,” it is stated in the report about the study. The scientists underline that nowadays, a great deal of people are suffering from elevated blood pressure or related health conditions, and using organic apples with apple peel can be an effective and affordable natural solution for the problem prevention and treatment. You can read more about the findings of Canadian scientists and the effects of apple peel for preventing high blood pressure in one of the latest issues of the journal Food Chemistry, or in this article. It is very interesting that similar results and the conclusions about the effectiveness of consuming apples without peeling were recently received and published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture by a group of scientists at Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey. Check out the publication abstract and other useful information about this study in Turkey here.

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