Alzheimer's diseaseAlzheimer’s disease is definitely one of the most serious and terrible diseases of modern times, which currently has no known cure or treatment. Nowadays, numerous research and studies are being carried out to better understand the causes and possibly find some effective remedies for this disease. In particular, it was recently discovered that red wine component can be potentially used to prevent dementia. One more study resulted in clearing up the role of iron and other metals in developing Alzheimer’s disease. Recently, the findings of one more interesting study were published in the journal Scientist: American researchers managed to find the clues to an effective Azheimer’s treatment when testing a  known cancer drug.

A group of experts at the Case Western Reserve University in Ohio were looking for ways to increase the levels of apolipoprotein E which was supposedly able to lower the levels of beta-amyloids, specific proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease, in brain. The decision was made to use bexarotene, a known remedy for skin cancer, to see its effects on the brain of mice with the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. scientific trialsIt was very much surprising for the scientists that after receiving just one dose of bexarotene, the levels of beta-amyloids started falling down very rapidly, and it took about 70 hours to achieve a 25% decrease.

In 7 days of active bexarotene treatment, the US scientists managed to achieve a 50% reduction of beta-amyloids even in older mice with well formed pieces of amyloid plaques. In addition to chemical evidence of positive effects, experiments have shown that there were substantial improvements in mental abilities and brain function in mice. In particular, after the 7-day treatment all mice performed much better in basic tests like developing electric shocks reflexes, nest building, maze tests, and other common tests for mental abilities.

Professor Paige E. Cramer, one of the study leaders, commented on the findings of his expert team as the following: “This is an unprecedented finding. Previously, the best existing treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in mice required several months to reduce plaque in the brain.” Many other experts confirmed that the results are very promising and interesting. However, the importance of coming to testing the potential treatment on people is very high because, according to the experts, sometimes very successful drugs that worked for mice fail to be effective for humans. Dr. Cramer’s group is preparing to start their experiments in a small group of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and the hopes of millions of today’s dementia sufferers are with them.

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  1. Phil PhilipsNo Gravatar Says:

    This study is really interesting. Bexarotene is effective for increasing Apo E expression.It also improves memory deficits and behavior and acted to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.
    Let’s hope that this will be a solution.