African MangoIn our times, when obesity and overweight turned into quite a common problem, the world’s scientists and researchers are constantly looking for new natural treatments and herbal remedies for this health condition. A great number of today’s scientific studies and experiments are being done with the aim to find an effective remedy for overweight. One of such studies by the specialists at the University of Yaounde showed that mango extract, namely African mango seed extract, can assist people who want to shed some pounds, as well as help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Earlier, it was discovered that mango extract can assist in lowering the amount of body fat by stimulating production of certain enzymes in the body. During the experiments in Yaounde, 102 people who suffered from having extra weight were split into 2 groups. The members of the first group were regularly receiving 150 ml of African mango seed extract, and the experiment participants from the second group were given placebo. The trials lasted for 10 weeks and for all this time all the participants were maintaining their normal diet and life-style.

African Mango Seed ExtractIt turned out that those people who were given African mango seed extract could achieve very good results and managed to lose significant amount of weight. In average, by the end of the research these participants lost about 28 pounds each. In addition, they demonstrated significant improvements in their sugar, C-reactive protein and bad cholesterol levels in blood. However, the members of other group failed to show improvements, neither in the context of weight loss, nor in cholesterol lowering.

The specialists also claim that natural elements and nutrients containing in mango extract can have positive effects on metabolism and detoxification processes in our body. That is why the scientists from Yaounde University are convinced that after a series of additional studies and researches on this issue, in the nearest future it will be possible to create a new very effective remedy for overweight and high cholesterol levels based on the properties of African mango seed extract. The findings of this research were published in the online journal Lipids in Health and Disease in spring 2009.

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    I love learning about healthy alternatives ways for weight loss. The African Mango Seed sounds like something I would like to try.

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    I have just fell in love with mangos. I tried them out and have been eating them ever since 2000.

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    It is true, african mango seed extract really helps for weight loss. I know this from my own experience!

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    I heard that massages help get rid of toxins and make you feel better? is that right?

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    I have seen first hand the amazing weight loss effects of African Mango Seed and I’m really glad its becoming more popular. It is an inexpensive, natural, and health way many people can loose weight.