Nutrients In PotatoFor quite a long time, potato has not been highly valued by modern nutritionists and considered ‘fattening’, due to a high content of starches and carbs. Another bad thing about potatoes is their being too easily affected by various pesticides and fertilizers (you can read more information about the ‘dirty dozen‘ or 12 foods the most affected by pesticides). However, growing your own potatoes in your garden and consuming them without fears of getting fatter and fatter can be actually an excellent idea. As the findings of a recent study have shown, potatoes are very rich in a great number of principal minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, that places potatoes to the same cohort with the most known natural superfoods like avocados, nuts, beetroot, broccoli, and others.

The experts at the Potato Concil are convinced that it is a big mistake to underestimate amazing potato nutritional benefits and values. A new study was carried out on a special request of the Potato Council by Nutrition Consultant Sigrid Gibson of Sig-Nurture company and revealed new grounds for changing our imagination about nutritional content and possible role of potato as a source of many essential natural nutrients. In particular, it turned out that an average potato has over 5 times more dietary fiber than an average banana. Potato Nutritional BenefitsThe research involved analyzing nutrition of almost 900 children and 1000 adults. “We think of bananas as being a good source of potassium, and they are, but potatoes make a more significant contribution to the diet,” Gibson commented on the findings.

Besides, the nutritionists found out that an average potato jacket has more vitamin C, a very important nutrient for our immune system function, than as much as 3 avocados. Potassium was found as one of the most important nutrients in potato which is in quite high concentrations. Finally, it turned out that potato have more selenium than seeds and nuts, the common natural sources of this mineral. There is plenty of other nutrients in potato which can support our overall health and prevent many serious and ever lethal diseases. According to the findings of a earlier study, a regular consumption of organic potatoes (in moderate doses) can assist in blood pressure lowering, this way preventing such health conditions as heart attack, a stroke, or others.

Certainly, potatoes should not be considered fattening, and everyone of us should enjoy potato nutritional benefits. However, it is very important to watch how we cook our potatoes. Certainly, consuming french fries, other types of fried potatoes, mashed potato, or potatoes served with a lot of butter, mayonnaise, other high calorie sauces, etc., is a very unhealthy choice which leads to consuming extra calories and increased risks of weight gain. However, eating a little of grilled or baked unpeeled potato can be very good chance to enjoy essential nutrients in potato. Also, be sure that you’re buying 100 per cent organic potatoes, or grow some for yourself in your own garden. Do not forget about these nutritional advantages that potatoes offer every one of us.

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