Risks of Rapid Weight LossIt is commonly believed that having extra weight is bad, and if you are overweight, you have to get rid of extra pounds as soon as possible. That’s what we regularly hear from our friends and family, as well as from modern mass media. Certainly, losing extra weight is healthy, but many young ladies can do everything in order to get slimmer immediately. Such intense weight loss programs can be really harmful and dangerous to our overall health, and below, you can check out top 9 risks linked to rapid weight loss.

1. When you decrease the amounts of body fat, you start feeling constantly cold, because body fat serves as a natural protection. As a result, you may start catching colds or a flu much easier.

2. When the amounts of body fat decreases, your inner organs will be left with no physical protection. Therefore, the risks of physical damage increase drastically.

3. Constant fatigue, weakness and inability to lead your usual lifestyle are quite common weight loss risks. Calories give us energy, which is stored in body fat. When you are losing weight, your body starts using mostly stored energy and nutrients, that causes a certain lack of energy for your daily activities.

Weight Loss Risks4. Your skin quality will decrease. When you are losing weight really fast, you skin will not be able to react and will start looking flappy and wrinkled.

5. Losing weight is linked to bone weakening. Body fat has vitamins A, D, K and E, responsible for good bone health. Therefore, losing weight causes lower amounts of these vitamins, leading to bone weakening and higher risks of osteoporosis and other problems.

6. Experiments with your nutrition in order to lose weight frequently result in developing various digestion problems.

7. Rapid weight loss is associated with weakening of your immunity function. Dieting is linked to lower amounts of necessary nutrient supply that leads to certain diseases. For example, you can develop anaemia and your body will become more vulnerable due to weakened immunity. There are other weight loss risks, connected with weak immunity function.

8. Weight loss is sometimes linked to dehydration. Many women use various diuretics to achieve good weight reduction effects. This can be dangerous because using diuretics can cause kidney failure and certain problems with heart.

9. Finally, when talking about the risks of rapid weight lose in women, it is necessary to mention possible problems when trying to get pregnant. Body fat accumulates female hormones, that is why too slim women sometimes can not conceive a child.

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