Healthy NutritionThere are numerous misconceptions and healthy nutrition myths, which give wrong ideas to some people about what healthy nutrition really is. It is very important not to get mislead and obtain answers from a specialist to any question regarding your diet and healthy eating in general. Below, check out some very common diet myths busted.

  • The less calories we consume, the more weight we are going to lose. Theoretically, this idea can make sense, but practically, the less calories we consume, the less energetic and live we are going to be, and the slower our metabolism and the faster muscle mass decrease we are going to experience. Therefore, consuming moderate amount of calories and regular exercise are the key issues for effective weight management.
  • Having no extra weight means being healthy. This is one of the most common healthy nutrition myths, which is an untrue idea, because being slim and skinny is often linked to numerous health risks and problems. There are other various factors but being overweight that can increase our chances to suffer from such diseases as diabetes or heart disease. For example, genetic factors.Or, if a person has a perfect BMI, but is smoking two packs of cigarets a day, can such person be considered healthy and disease risks free? Definitely not! Actually, it is estimated that about one of five people who suffer from type 2 diabetes are actually slim and extra weight free.
  • A healthy diet means consuming only diet foods which can help us reduce weight. It is an absolutely incorrect idea, and a lot of so called “diet foods” can be actually way more harmful than usual foods. For example, some sugar free diet foods have increased amounts of trans fats, and  low fat foods sometimes have other dangerous ingredients which can affect our health and in no way assist in weight loss. healthy nutrition mythsBe very careful when choosing and buying this type of foods, always read the labels on the food packages and avoid consuming diet foods containing harmful chemicals and ingredients like additives, trans fats and so on.
  • Carbs are not good for weight management, and cutting on them can help us lose weight. Eliminating carbs from your daily diet is also not too very good idea, because this will make you feel weak and unhealthy. It is necessary to lower consumption of refined carbs like the ones in the foods made of while flour, but consuming healthy carbs like the ones in whole grains, veggies and fruit, can be essential for your health. The average recommended dose of healthy carbs is about 130 grams a day, and too low consumption of carbs will also lead to fatigue, irritability and minor digestive problems.
  • It is necessary to reduce dairy food consumption as those are not good for our health. This is a piece of nonsense, one of the weirdest healthy nutrition myths, because avoiding dairy products is actually linked to numerous health problems and increased risks of many diseases. Dental health and bone health, healthy skin and normalized blood pressure, improved metabolism and more effective weight loss – those are the main benefits of a regular consumption of dairy products like yogurt, low fat milk or cottage cheese. It is recommended to use 2-3 servings of low-fat dairy products a day.

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