Cancer CasesThere are many factors that contribute to increasing the risks of modern people to suffer from various types of cancer. The scientists say that nearly a half of cancer cases are caused by wrong choices we make in our life. According to the findings of a recent study, about 40 per cent of cancers are actually caused exceptionally by our habits and lifestyle, including, first of all, such bad habits as smoking or drinking alcoholic drinks, as well as eating wrong things on a regular basis. The report about this study conducted by a group of British scientists, was recently published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Cancer prevetionAfter analyzing hundreds of thousands of cancer cases and mainly the factors that have caused these health conditions, the scientists came to the conclusion that smoking should be considered the most influential cause of cancer in the UK. According to the findings, it causes 23 per cent of cancer cases in men, and 15.6 per cent of cancer cases in women. A lack of fresh fruit and veggies in the daily diet and increased red meat consumption are the second most important factors and abut 9 per cent of cancer cases are attributed to these factors.

Such factors as obesity and increased alcohol consumption are linked to 5.5 per cent and 4 per cent respectively. Specialists at the Universities of London and Oxford have estimated that in the UK, there are about 12,500 cancer cases caused by increased alcohol consumption, thus – absolutely preventable. Finally, such factors as exposure to toxic substances and excessive amounts of sunlight, a lack of physical activities and not breastfeeding should be considered among the most influential causes of cancer related to our life choices and lifestyle.

Prof Max Parkin, one of the leaders of the study group, believes that the findings of their research are very important and can turn into a very effective tool to raise public awareness about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. It is not easy to make people give up their bad habits or unhealthy life choices, but such factor as an effective cancer prevention can work as a great stimulating factor for a great deal of people. “Looking at all the evidence, it’s clear that around 40% of all cancers are caused by things we mostly have the power to change,” Parkin says. He says that for the most effective cancer prevention, it is primarily important for men to give up smoking and eat more fresh fruit and veggies, and for women it is essential to give up smoking and watch the body mass.

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