In addition to wonderful flavor and taste, tea has a great deal of benefits for our health and fitness. It is one of the oldest and the most popular beverages on earth, which found its special place in every culture and every nation through special tea drinking traditions. Tea TableTea is the best and the most comforting companion, which can warm our long long winter nights, or the first thing we think about when we started feeling the symptoms of flu or cold. Though any type of addiction must not be considered positive, tea addiction is exceptional. These interesting aspects below are for modern generation of Sprite and Cola fans:

1. Tea is one of the best refreshing beverages, which boosts activity of your brain and improves your memory.

2. Tea can help you combat fatigue and weariness. It stimulates your metabolism and normalizes the activity of your cardiovascular and digestive systems.

3. Tea can prevent such problem as tooth decay. British specialists found out that the children who regularly drink tea have 60% lower risks of tooth decay.

Cup of Tea4. Tea contains a lot of useful micronutrients.

5. It is proved that tea can prevent cancerous growth and, therefore, substantially decrease the risk of developing any type of cancer.

6. Tea contains zinc which is one of the most important elements for our immune system and healthy skin.

7. Tea has properties to slow down the aging process and boost longevity.  Tea leaves have an impressive rejuvenation effect, which is 18 times stronger than the one of Vitamin E.

8. Tea slows down the development of fat depots in your veins and lowers the risks of sclerosis, hypertension and other related diseases.

9. Tea stimulates your central nervous system and increases mobility of your junctions.

10. Teas like oolong tea (the Black Dragon Tea) help weight loss and improve your skin.

Tea with Lemon11. Tea helps prevent cataracts.

12. Tea contains tannin, which has unprecedented antiseptic properties and can prevent stomatitis, as well as gastroenteritis, colitis and other types of intestinal inflammation.

13. Tea supports hematogenous function in your body. Besides, tea has the substances that can neutralize harmful emissions. In other words, having a cup of tea while watching TV can help you protect yourself from dangerous emissions and avoid possible vision disorders.

14. Tea contains alkaloids (caffeine, teofiline, theobromine, etc.) which help to keep your blood pH level in balance. Besides, natural components of tea help to neutralize acidic elements in your blood.

15. Tea has an amazing cooling effect. Several minutes after having a cup of hot tea, your body temperature decreases and you start feeling refreshed and cooled down. That is why tea is so popular in hot Oriental countries. Remember that you tea must be hot, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy this benefit.

Every day the world’s population consumes about 2 billion cups of tea, that means 23 thousand cups per second. Isn’t it great? Ancient Oriental philosophers considered tea to be a divine beverage, because it is refreshing (like water) and does not intoxicate (like wine). A lot of time has passed since tea culture emerged and many ancient traditions of tea drinking have got lost, but we still love this beautiful drink and always prefer to accompany a friendly chat or business negotiations with a cup of relaxing fine tea.

Author Info: Hi! My name is Carla and I am a 5th year medical student at HYMS. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.

9 Responses to “15 Reasons To Switch From Cola To Tea Addiction”

  1. chethanNo Gravatar Says:

    I stay away from both 😛

  2. KenNo Gravatar Says:

    I like this list, and I am interested in having tea more often, I just don’t know what kind to get. In the past I have not really liked the stronger teas, like whatever is in Lipton, or what is served at some restaurants. Do you have any ‘beginner tea’ suggestions?

  3. TerryNo Gravatar Says:

    I recommend getting a jar to brew your tea in, and a metail seive to get the tea leaves out. I used to brew tea using tea bags but now I use tea laves and i would never go back. Using different kinds of tea leaves you can create your own brew. My favourite is one teaspoon of earl grey and one teaspoon of yunnan per cup. My advice is to buy different varieties of tea leaves, experiment with mixing them up to create your ideal cup of tea.

  4. ClaraNo Gravatar Says:

    Tea has such great health benefits.Thanks for the tips.

  5. KyleNo Gravatar Says:

    Do these benefits apply to teas with additional flavoring, such as mandarin orange spice?

  6. Carla FiscinaNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Kyle, all those benefits apply to the teas, which contain actual tea leaves. Mandarin Orange Spice is a herbal tea, which has specific therapeutic properties and benefits for your health. I’ll try to find some time to write about it in my next articles. Thank you for your interest!

  7. Rod Newbound, RNNo Gravatar Says:

    Very nice article. I especially liked the comment: British specialists found out that the children who regularly drink tea have 60% lower risks of tooth decay.

    Now if the morons would stop putting fluoride in the water.

  8. dagmawitNo Gravatar Says:

    i really didn’t know this whole thing about tea and i never supported the idea of drinking tea usually. but now, i guess, i understand the use of tea as a whole. Even when my mom drinks tea again and again many times i tell fer to stop it right away coz i was afraid that tea is not good to drink it usually. this is the reason why i opened this web site, to read about tea and know about it whether it is bad or not. thanks for teaching me and giving me more information about tea.

  9. IwonaNo Gravatar Says:

    Ciekawy blog, w końcu znalazłam to czego szukałam, dzięki! 🙂