veggies and fruitsEating fruits and veggies is undoubtedly a very healthy eating habit. Numerous health benefits of these natural foods are well known. But what can we do about the huge amounts of chemicals and pesticides that today’s veggies and fruits are packed with? After a series of tests and experiments, the experts at the Environmental Working Group managed to find out that some fruits and veggies tend to be more contaminated with pesticides than the others. As a result, two extensive lists of fruits and vegetables were created, for the dirtiest and the cleanest natural foods in out markets and grocery stores.

After learning about the dirty dozen, or 12 veggies and fruit most affected by pesticides, it is time to know what natural foods are actually the least affected by agricultural chemicals. According to the EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides, it is possible to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides by buying only 100% organic foods. However, this is not always possible, and adding to our daily diet more fruits and veggies from the list below will help us reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals.

Check out the list of the cleanest 15 veggies and fruits:

1. Onions. The EWG specialists found out that 90% of samples of onions had no pesticides at all

2. Sweet Corn. Every nine of ten samples of sweet corn turned out to be free of chemicals.

3. Pineapples. Almost 90% of pineapples are actually totally organic.

4. Avocados. Avocados turned out to be among the cleanest fruits recommended to add to our daily diet.

5. Asparagus. It was found out that the edible parts of this plant are almost free from harmful chemicals.

6. Sweet Peas. The same can be said about sweet peas, which tend to lose their harmful chemical elements when they are stored frozen.

7. Mangoes. Eat plenty of beautiful delicious mangoes for your beauty and health.

8. Eggplant. Peeling eggplants before cooking gives us a chance to get rid of almost 100% of pesticides in this veggie.

9. Domestic Cantaloupe. Though this fruit has quite a high GI, it is supposed to be one of the cleanest.

10. Kiwifruits. Add these amazing natural sources of vitamin C to your daily diet.

11. Cabbage. Rich in fiber, cabbage loses most of the harmful chemicals after boiling.

12. Watermelon. The samples of this fruits never contained more than one type of pesticides, in very moderate amounts.

13. Sweet Potatoes. Very healthy natural food with quite low GI.

14. Grapefruit. Enjoy amazing health benefits of this fruits with no fear of being affected by pesticides.

15. Mushrooms. The final product on the list.

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