heart disease preventionIt is not a secret that most of modern people have increased risks of heart disease. Is your LDL cholesterol level high? Do you have extra weight? Are you involved in good amounts of physical activities every day? We all know the honest answers to these questions that the most of us can give. Certainly, regular and sufficient physical activities,low cholesterol levels, healthy diet and eating habits are the main factors to reduce our chances to suffer from heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Below, check out other 11 most effective tips for heart disease prevention. This issue is of a high importance nowadays.

1. Monitor and keep your HDL “good” and LDL “bad” cholesterol levels under control. Regular blood tests can help you be aware about the levels of good and bad cholesterol in your blood, as well as see the dynamics of their changes. By making adjustments to your diet and daily activities, you can lower your bad cholesterol levels when it grows too high, and increase the levels of good cholesterol which can help you in clearing the plaque¬† formed in your arteries.

2.healthy diet Improve your cholesterol situation by including to your diet the sources of healthy fats. Omega 3 acid is essential for effective heart disease prevention and lowering triglycerides in your blood. Eat a portion of fish two times a week (not fried but boiled tuna, salmon, sardines or other type of fish), add 1-2 teaspoons of high quality olive oil to your daily diet. This way you’ll be able to receive good amounts of Omega 3 fatty acid.

3. Avoid overeating. To improve you eating habits, you can use small portions and never consume more than one serving of one or another food in one mealtime. Speaking very generally, one portion is the amount that can fit into your two cupped hands. The same can’t only be said about fruits and desserts.

4. Add to your diet more foods which are considered natural sources of antioxidants. They do not play as direct and important role in heart disease prevention as, for example, healthy fats. However, they can assist in weight management and preventing aging processes in our body tissues.

5. Do not ignore carbs and do not try to lower your daily consumption of those too much. We need carbs for being more energetic and live. At that, specialists believe that there are “good” and “bad” carbs. Using such sources of “good” carbs as whole-wheat bread and pasta, beans and others will help us prevent bad cholesterol levels from raising, at the same time helping our body produce more energy for your daily activities. However, it is necessary to lower the consumption of the foods which are considered sources of “bad” cholesterol, like white rice, potatoes or sweet bakery.

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  1. Diane PalmerNo Gravatar Says:

    Eating the right way is the best way to get what your body needs. But that is not always possible. All natural remedies is the best way to treat your aliment or use as a preventive. They are safe and non-habit forming.